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Happy June 1st, Friends of FEBS!

While for most states, June 1st doesn’t mean much, for southern states, June 1st means the start of hurricane season!

This day doesn’t sneak up on us at FEBS. There is a lot of effort in to preparing for these months berore they even happen. We have our evacuation buildings, we have over 500 carriers in one empty building ready to go for quick evacuation, and we have (minimum) two weeks of food and nuts on property. Each storm that comes, we have meetings and assess (sometimes hour by hour!) what our game plan is going to be. Our 9 staff members are always watching the weather, and we have 15 solid volunteers we can call if we need immediate help.

As far as the weather goes, if you are not from the area, we highly recommend following Denis Phillips for all weather/hurricane updates. Denis does a fantastic job of showing what’s going to happen without any hype. He’s the go-to weather man of the Tampa Bay area!

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