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Future Placement Program

FEBS receives nearly daily inquiries regarding the future placement program at our Sanctuary.

This page and the form linked below provides for those who do not have an immediate need to place your parrot(s) with us, but do need a long-term care plan. This allows you to go forward knowing that if something were to happen in the future, we would be a guaranteed final home for your bird. 


As the desire for placement at FEBS grows we continue to take steps to ensure that we have the best sanctuary available for your beloved parrot(s). As the domesticated exotic bird crisis continues to grow, so must we. With one eye forever on the future we have increased our sanctuary space to 8 acres. Additionally, we never stop building and improving aviaries, as well as other holding spaces.  

It is a common desire of parrot guardians to keep their companion birds as long as possible. However, knowing their bird(s) will be accepted into sanctuary, at that future time is a much needed security. With all of these factors in mind we have created a Future Intake Contract.


Through this contract-based program you are given the option of pre-paying for your bird's eventual placement. This option allows you to lock in a placement sponsorship amount (click for price structure). Prices are subject to rate increases between initial agreement and final placement date. We are able to offer pick up services for your parrot. Please inquire. 


As every situation is different, we encourage you to call us and either schedule a tour to discuss how you would like to structure your sponsorship or call Patricia Norton at 1-844-352-2473 ext.1 for further information.


Please click here to auto fill out our contract for placement and email back to


About you and the bird(s) you are in need of placement

I have read the Placement Sponsorship Pricing page.

Thanks for submitting!

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