Future Placement Program

FEBS has received numerous inquiries regarding a program for future placement of Parrots at our Sanctuary.

We have created this page and the form below for those of you that do not have a immediate need to place your Parrot/s with us, but do wish to have the peace of mind to know that if something were to happen in the future we would guarantee placement of your beloved Feathered friends.

As FEBS expands and grows and the desire to place pet birds increases, we are taking steps today to ensure that we have the property to expand with the demand for our services. We have recently bought an additional 3 acres across the street from us, adding to the 5 we already own.

Due to the desire of many Pet Bird owners to keep their birds as long as possible, but still know they will be accepted into the Sanctuary in the future, we have created a Future Intake Contract in where you are given the option of pre paying for your birds eventual placement based on a current intake price structure As every situation is different, we encourage you to call us and either schedule a tour to discuss how you would like to structure your sponsorship or call Dr. Bob Cook, our VP, at 1-844-352-2473 ext 1 for further information. Please click here (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS) to auto fill out our contract for placement and email back to birdmother@flabirdsanctuary.com