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Our Wishlist

All items are 100% tax deductible! Please contact us and we will send you a tax donation receipt.

Most of our general needs can be found on our Amazon Wish List. Our parrots could always use toys, nuts in the shell, and treats!


Dollar General:

Bathroom Cleaner


Paper Towel Rolls

Scrubbing Pads


Toilet Paper Rolls

Mac-Nuts Online:

Macadamia Nuts


Mazuri Pellets



Rural King:

Chicken Crumble

Chicken/Duck Pellets

Cockatiel Food

Garbage Bags - Large Black

Peanuts - Roasted, Unsalted

Smelt Feed:

Bird Seed

Cockatiel Food


Baby Food

Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom Hand Soap


Canned Beans

Canned Tomatoes

Cat Food

Dish Soap

Fellow's Lamination Sheets

Vegetables - Frozen

Fruit for Toucan

HP Ink 61 XL Black

HP Ink 61 XL Color

HP Ink 63 Black

HP Ink 63 Tricolor


Laundry Detergent Pods

Macaroni - Frozen Bags

Paper Towel Rolls

Vinegar - Apple Cider

Vinegar - White

Ziplock Bags - Gallon Size

Retail gift cards such as Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Pet Supplies Plus, PetSmart are always needed. This allows us to immediately purchase specific needs. We regularly purchase things such as lumber and chain to make our own toys!

 Mail Retail Gift Cards to:
Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary
8933 Casper Ave, Hudson, FL 34667


Toys, Cages & Play-stands

Toys are big favorites at the sanctuary! The birds love to chew, tinker and play. They discover great joy in having their own toys. Keep in mind they will be used outdoors, so no cloth or string toys please. We recommend ordering from Planet Pleasures:


Fruits and Vegetables 

As part of our Sanctuary Life Reimagined vision, we would love to have donated to us fruit trees, vegetable seeds, and vegetable plants. We have staff on site that is specialized in fruits and vegetables grow well in our slice of paradise. It’s our dream to be able to give these parrots a diet as close to what they would find in the wild. If you are interested in helping out with our vision, please contact Stephanie at 727-514-0796.




If you have other items to donate…

Please contact:
Patricia Norton

Ship to:
Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, 8933 Casper Ave, Hudson, FL 34667

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