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Sanctuary Life Reimagined™

We have only just begun to re-IMAGINE the programs and facilities that we are adding to our new grounds. As we grow, we will be building relations with a diversity of new partners, benefactors, nonprofits and consultants such as veterinarian schools, permaculture and ecological design experts, solar companies, landscape architects, plumbers, avian researchers, students and product suppliers. This is just for starters. Your support in kind or through grants and donations will be the wind beneath our wings.

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We love our bird suppliers, that goes without saying. It’s why we designed into the sanctuary re-IMAGINED plan a distribution room right off storage, with a delivery staging area complete with a food cart. No more hand-carried buckets.

Parrot lovers know fresh food is paramount to happiness. Parrots love mango, pomegranate, bananas, cantaloupe and apple. Some like raw vegetables, including broccoli, leafy greens, root vegetables, grains and nuts.

We’re ready to take the next step and that means coming up with a step-by-step plan to bring hydroponics into the sanctuary. Different from farming, hydroponics means we need to use and deplete less soil. Not only that, but it will let us use less water. More than this, hydroponics leads to less diseases and higher soil yields. To sum it up, incorporating hydroponics into the sanctuary makes a healthy diet more affordable and the parrots happier.

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