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The Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary is dedicated to the care and well-being of parrots and other exotic birds. We do not breed, sell, trade, or offer for adoption the birds in our care. Instead, we endeavor to provide them with a permanent home that allows them to mingle with other compatible birds in outdoor open-flight aviaries. We also strive to provide permanent, caring home for birds with special needs, including those with physical challenges or behavioral issues. Finally, we are committed to raising public awareness regarding the moral responsibilities and physical demands of keeping parrots or other wild animals as pets.

What We Do


Your commitment to the welfare of your parrot for the rest of its life is admirable and so important considering their potential life span! At the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary we understand both the challenges of exotic bird ownership and the difficult decision to place your bird(s) in a sanctuary setting. Please review our placement and sponsorship details through our LEARN MORE button below.


FEBS Expansion Project 2023 Goal


Schedule a tour for an up close and personal experience with over 750 resident parrots.


Friends of FEBS is a monthly giving program with 100% of every dollar going directly towards a sponsored parrot’s food, health care, treats and caregiver snuggle time. To read more about our benefactor sponsor levels click here.

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