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We know that we can hear parrots… but how well can parrots hear us?

Their ears are tucked back behind their eyes (and they don’t protrude for streamlining purposes due to flying!). Their hearing range is most sensitive to sounds between 200 Hz to 8.5 kHz, this can vary by the type of parrot. In humans, we can hear between 31 Hz to 19 kHz. This means their frequency range isn’t as broad as ours. What parrots are, though, is more sensitive to pitch, rhythm, and tone.

Something that is super interesting is they can not hear things suck as a soft tick tock or knock, but when it comes to music, they can hear up to ten separate notes! For reference, we can only perceive one note at a time. Tone is important to parrots as each flock has it’s own calls to one another.

Parrots are amazing creatures all around!

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