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Our Expansion is Underway!

Dear Friends of FEBS,


The much-needed expansion of our facility has begun! Your financial support, and a very generous donation by one of our west coast friends, made this possible.


Our Board of Directors determined in early 2022 that it is time to expand onto the 1.6-acre portion of the 5.1-acre parcel of land purchased in 2014 ahead of our move from Wesley Chapel. With an 11½% annual growth rate, the 3.5-acres we have been using is getting very crowded at 850 residents. Bringing the reserve land into use means we can welcome about 450 more birds to their new permanent home!


The first expansion step is nearly finished. You can see from the “before” photos that the vacant land was overgrown with wild shrubs, vines and scrub trees. Our groundskeeper has done a yeoman’s job of clearing the land, as seen in the “after” photos. A few more scrub trees must be removed, then the property will be leveled for buildout.


The second step will be installing a 6-foot-high privacy fence along the entire perimeter of the property. This is necessary to ensure the physical safety of our bird residents by supplementing our electronic security system. A contract has been signed for this step, and installation will begin soon.


We’re very excited that our two years of planning and fundraising are starting to bear fruit! We are deeply grateful for your moral and financial support, without which no part of the Sanctuary’s mission attainment would be possible. We’ll keep you posted on our expansion progress.


As a gentle reminder, we rely mainly on the support of folks like you to meet our daily operating fund needs of nearly $1,500. You can help us shelter, feed and care for our feathered wards by making regular donations to FEBS. Please visit our website ( for detailed information on how to make that happen.

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