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Holiday Gift Match Achieved!

Dear Friends of FEBS,


We hope each of you had a delightful and blessed Holiday Season and New Year celebration!


Our December 2 blog article announced the Holiday gift of $10,000 by the Wilkins Family and their challenge to other Friends of FEBS to match that amount.


Goal Achieved! You once again stepped forward and more than met that goal! We’re already using the funds to enrich the lives of our 850+ feathered residents via more toys, new perches, and construction of a new aviary, among other ways.


Your regular gifts to FEBS are vital to our ability to continuously provide adequate shelter, care, and love to our birds. It costs nearly $1,500 each day on average to keep our sanctuary operating smoothly and effectively. Our directors, employees, and volunteers are eternally grateful for your generous, ongoing support!


Thank you again, and we wish you a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year!


P.S.: Our colorful 2024 calendars were mailed out last month to our faithful donors. If by chance you haven’t received yours yet, please email with your name and address.

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