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December Holiday Matching Fund Raiser

Happy Holidays Friends of FEBS!

This year, during the Holidays, FEBS is blessed with the Wilkins Family yearly matching donation! These donors generously give twice a year for a matching fund program. The October 5K Matching Fundraiser raised almost 3x the initial match! We can't thank all of you, our supporters, for assisting in reaching our goals for fall! Big shout to the Valero Family for matching 10k towards our goal Although we are very grateful for every dollar from every one of you! We were able to purchase toys, perches and start a new Aviary, including enrichment for over 800 parrots in our lifelong care.

This Holiday donation is for a $10,000 match (thank you again Wilkins Family)! This is very exciting and much needed to continue to provide the best care for the beautiful flock in our life care facility! It really means a great deal to our operations of FEBS!

Please let us now if you would like a 2024 Calendar of the birds at FEBS! Any donations over $50.00 will be sent a Calendar. For the calendar, please send requests to

All Donations are Tax Deductible and could also help with tax benefits if coming from an ERA/tax bearing account.

Happy Holidays and Blessings to all of our supporters! Very warmest regards, Birdmother, Staff, Volunteers and mostly, all of the birds in our care!
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