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FEBS Joins Hands with Rescue to Save 6 Macaws

When FEBS reviews applications to intake a new resident, we take great care into our process to ensure a quality life for the bird. To secure a resident in our sanctuary, the placement sponsorship for each bird is essential to assist FEBS in safely transitioning and feeding the new resident. However, there are times of dire need where we step in to help other amazing organizations in providing a home for birds. In October, we took in 6 Macaws from the Parrot Outreach Society. The story of these Macaw's touched our hearts and we want to share their journey with you.

2 years ago, Fish and Wildlife were called to a home to inspect a possible case of animal neglect. The house they visited was owned by a man that had a fascination for monkeys and Macaws. He purchased dozens of each and housed them in his backyard sanctuary. For years he took care of these animals, but as time wore on he got older and lost his faculties. He started to forget to take care of the animals and eventually ceased to do so altogether. The animals were starved and diseased for some time until Fish and Wildlife were called in. Only 11 Macaws survived.

The Parrot Outreach Society was called by Fish and Wildlife to take the Macaws in to rehabilitate and hopefully find them a new home, but it was a tough task. Most of these Macaws were unhandled and frightened of strangers. One of the birds would faint at the sight of a new person near them! Of the 11, 6 Macaws were adopted to be with their new loving family. The 5 left still needed to be cared for. The Parrot Outreach Society had all of the birds vetted and tested for disease.

Melanie, the Treasurer of the Society, brought them all to her home after volunteers were having troubles with getting bit. She brought the birds to her backyard aviary and introduced them to Poppy, a fully plucked rescue macaw that the sanctuary has provided a safe space for over 12 years. Melanie was able to keep these 6 beautiful birds comfortable until Hurricane Ian came. She protected them and kept them out of harms way, but knew she could not sustain the aviary.

Melanie contacted the only place where she knew these Macaws would be safe, the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary. She contacted our Birdmother, Pat, and told her their story. Struck by the breathtaking journey, Pat was driven to help these parrots. They set up a time for John, our on-site caretaker, to pick them up to safely bring them into the sanctuary.

The 5 Macaws (Evelyn, Garnett, Maggie, Reina, and Ruby) are now in one of FEBS brand new aviaries, being the Macaws they were born to be. Due to Poppie's temperament, we provided a private flight for her to thrive right next to the others. Since Poppie's arrival, we have introduced a compatible companion for her, and they are doing fantastic together!

We at FEBS are so happy to help these amazing new residents and are excited for you all to meet them!

About the Parrot Outreach Society:

The Parrot Outreach Society is a rescue that provides a space to intake parrots and offer a chance for them to find a new home. They provide a safe and clean space for over 100 birds that are ready for to be with their new family. They also provide education and sell bird supplies. If you are looking to donate to this amazing facility to further their work, click the button below to visit their website.

If you would like to Sponsor these 6 Macaws, we would appreciate the support to help FEBS care for their new residence that they will be in for the rest of their life!

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