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FEBS Expansion Project (click here)

Dear Friend of FEBS,

We are excited to announce the start of a major facility expansion project to meet the housing and support needs of our ever-growing parrot population!

As a longtime Friend of FEBS, you know we moved 400 birds to our present 3½-acre facility in Hudson in early 2017. The number of birds in our care has doubled since then, but the demand for a safe, healthy, and loving forever home for displaced parrots continues to grow: We need to be in a position to care for 1,200 birds by the end of 2024, and 2,000 birds by 2030!

Our Board recently approved a major facility expansion project to accommodate the anticipated future demands on our sanctuary. In brief, the first two phases of the project will consist of the following:

Phase I: Clear and build-out 1.6-acre parcel of land already owned by FEBS

➢ The plot already owned by FEBS immediately adjacent to the current 3½-acre facility will be cleared, graded and prepared for build-out.

➢ Necessary infrastructure (e.g., electrical, plumbing, fencing and security, walkways) will be installed.

➢ Approximately 32,500 square feet or more of heavy-gauge wire bird-flight space will be erected and outfitted for parrot residency.

➢ The existing outdated workshop, storage unit, and caretaker residence will be replaced.

Phase II: Acquire and clear additional parcels of land

➢ We will make every attempt to acquire a minimum of five acres of land near the existing facility to support additional expansion during the latter half of the decade.

➢ The additional parcels will be cleared, graded and prepared for build-out.

➢ Build-out will be conducted at a pace consistent with our expanding parrot population.

The estimated cost to complete Phase I of our facility expansion project is $795,000. The Phase II cost is difficult to project in today’s uncertain economic climate, and numerous future events will significantly affect the configuration and cost of the expanded acreage.

We are very blessed to have already received a substantial portion of the Phase I funding. Furthermore, we’ve been asked to raise matching monies from our Friends of FEBS donors for Phase II and beyond. Our Board of Directors has set an initial matching monies fundraising goal for Phase II and the requisite build-out reserve of $500,000.

You’ve been a loyal supporter of FEBS for quite some time, and we once again need your help to meet our first-round matching monies fundraising goal. We respectfully ask that you fill out the accompanying Facility Expansion Project gift form and return it to us by yearend. Should you have questions or wish additional information about this project, please call us at 844-352-2473 or email

Thank you in advance for your generous gift and for your ongoing support of our mission.

Very truly yours,

Patricia Norton

President & Executive Director

November 16, 2022

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