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Sandy and Tammy Give Amazing Donations to Our Sanctuary!

Hello Friends of FEBS!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Sandy and her Cousin, Tammy, for the much needed donations:

  • A new pressure washer (we go through a lot of these, clean, clean, clean!).

  • They asked if we needed new fans for the birds' flight cages. We thought they would go to Home Depot and bring a couple back, but to our surprise and joy they brought us over 10 of them!

These gifts are always needed and we are very grateful!

They placed their two beautiful, healthy Macaws with us in May; one only 2 and one 33 years old. Both are acclimating very well. They have taken very good care of these Macaws but realized, like so many other Parrot owners, that being in a life care facility at FEBS would benefit Bella and Roro. After touring our facility they we confident that the very best place for them was with us to give them the opportunity to spend the rest of their lives at FEBS "To Just be a Bird"

Sandy and Tammy have visited, volunteered, and were able to spend time with their birds. They helped us move their birds into a large octagon right outside of the 80' Macaw flight and within a short time will be back (making the drive from Mississippi) Although this is not required after placement, we were happy to have them here, stay a few days, volunteer and donate items. We absolutely consider all donors as a part of the FEBS family and loved tht they will always be a part of our Sanctuary!

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