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Parrot Placement

Your commitment to the welfare of your parrot for the rest of its life is admirable and so important considering their potential life span! At the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary we understand both the challenges of exotic bird ownership and the difficult decision to place your bird(s) in a sanctuary setting. We are able to offer pick up services. Please inquire. 


Placement Requirements

1.  Sanctuary Visit

Scheduling a visit to our sanctuary (if possible), without your bird(s), after your initial contact. We want the opportunity to talk to you about your bird and answer your questions.

2. Cage and Food

For optimum acclimation, we will ask you to surrender your bird’s cage if possible, one or more bags of the food your bird is currently eating, and any other bird-related items that you may have.

3.  Carrier/ Travel Cage

You must provide a folding, metal carrier or travel cage for each bird in case of need for evacuation. The cage must include a food and water dish and a perch.

4.  Bio on Your Bird

We ask that you provide a Bio on your bird, including likes, dislikes, vet records, things your bird says, behaviors that we should know about, etc. Important information includes age, sex and a DNA record if available.

5.  Routine Avian Exam and Testing

Your bird must have been to an Avian Vet in the last 6 months and you must provide results for the following:

  • Complete Blood Cell Count: Check for anemia, infection and blood parasites

  • Biochemical Profile and Bile Acids: Screen of internal organs for disease (i.e. kidney disease, liver disease, calcium deficiency, etc.)

  • Phase Microscope Analysis: A live blood to check for infection and blood parasites

  • Nail Trim and Beak Trim (if necessary)

  • For Lories, an additional Bacterial and Fungal Culture is required

If this has not been done you can either do so before your bird comes to us, or you can pay an additional $300.00 for our vet to do so before your bird is placed along with the other birds.

NOTES: All birds that are severely feather plucked or thin will need additional testing. These tests must be performed within 48 hours upon arrival.

Any birds requiring testing will be placed in our quarantine room until results come back (usually 24 hours later) or proof of the above test results from your Avian Vet having been performed within the prior year of placement in our Facility.

6.  FEBS Email List

We will ask you to subscribe to our email list (which is free) so that you can receive updates and news regarding the sanctuary.

7.  Ready for Placement?

If you are ready to take the next step to place your parrot, please download and fill out the intake form below.

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