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And The Winner Is …

Coincident with the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, FEBS sponsored its inaugural 50/50 virtual  raffle, aptly named the Pot of Gold Feathers contest. The event was facilitated by Rafflebox, a  Canadian web-hosting comp43any that specializes in internet-based fundraising for nonprofit  organizations.

Forty-two (42) Friends of FEBS participated in this fun way to support our 850+ permanent  feathered residents. The raffle raised $2,465 in total, with the odds of winning half the “pot”  being 1 in 296 when the contest closed at midnight, March 29. The winning ticket was selected  by random drawing just before noon on the 30th.

Needless to say, the owner of the winning ticket (C-1154) was delighted to hear of her good fortune! The Virginia resident has been a member of the FEBS family since August, when she placed her two loving companions with us for lifelong care, attention and communion with others of their kind, where “birds can be birds” in as natural a habitat as we can reasonably provide. 

Angel – a sulfur-crested Cockatoo – and Echo – a blue-fronted Amazon – have quickly acclimated to their new life at FEBS. Their human “mother” appreciates the status reports she receives periodically from our staff, and she is confident that both “children” are thriving in their new, permanent environment.  

Our family is large, loving and generous! Angel and Echo’s mother, immediately upon hearing the words “you have won $1,232.50”, said “I want FEBS to have the money! Don’t mention my name; just say it’s from Angel and Echo.”

So now you know … the winner of the Pot of Gold Feathers 50/50 virtual raffle is the “mother” of the two beautiful birds you see pictured here!

We greatly appreciate that the prize money was donated to our general fund to support all our  birds. More importantly, we appreciate – and are honored by – the trust the winner places in us  to continue the love and care for Angel and Echo. 

As a closing reminder, it costs nearly $1,500 each and every day to provide shelter, food,  medical care, safety, attention and love to the 850+ birds who call FEBS their forever home.  Please donate today, and freely share the story of FEBS and its mission with your friends and  family members. 

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I wish we still lived up there and i could be helping you . As always such a beautiful job.

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