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Ian Update…

Greeting and Blessing to all of our Florida Friends. (And the rest of you awesome peeps!) Our hearts go out to South Florida and the heartbreaking damage there.

We want everyone to know that through the huge efforts of many, all of the Parrots/Staff and Volunteers at FEBS are safe. There was no damage to Aviaries due to a proactive pre storm activity in the last few months of removing very large questionable trees which would have been a huge danger to the aviaries and birds. A huge thank you for your love and prayers including the super support that was given by many that either sent a donation to help or physically showed up to assist in the evacuation of hundreds of our birds. A huge shout out to our Miami friend for a generous contribution that came at just the right time. Your emails, texts, giving online through the website has been very helpful and very appreciated during this stressful time. As you can imagine,

to potential day of impacts was implemented perfectly. Again, we cant say thank you enough to everyone that kept a cool head during IAN, we are so grateful to everyone that helped keep no ruffled feathers! We were spared, many in the South were not and we continue to pray and send our love to you. Warmest regards, Birdmother

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