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Hurricane Idalia Update!

Hello Friends of FEBS!

We are reaching out to let everyone know all is well at the Sanctuary after Hurricane Idalia hit Florida last week. All of the birds are safe. We are blessed to be on property that is not prone to flooding, which was a major concern with this storm. Our staff and volunteers did a wonderful job in preparation and now we are putting the generators and other supplies away.

Here are some tips to keep your bird safe during a hurricane:

  • A large feed bowl that can hold a good 2-3 day supply of food—this should be bowls of dry feed placed high up in the cage.

  • A water bottle (available at any pet store or large chain or grocery store) attached by any wire to the front of the travel cage.

    • Fill to the top as these work on a suction system. This will give your bird 3 to 5 days of clean water.

    • DO NOT worry if your bird(s) have not learned to drink from a water bottle as they can smell water and will do so.

    • You can also put a water bowl directly under the water feeder a few days in advance and slowly start taking the bowl away to train them.

    • Water is crucial!

  • Place your parrot name, your (or a close friend or relative) contact number and address in evacuation kit and/or cage.

You can find more information on our Emergency Preparedness Planning Page!

We pray for those in Florida that were affected and hope you are all safe.

Blessings to all!

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