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Four week series: FEBS Future Intake Program for you and your families piece of mind

Hello and Happy Saturday Friends of FEBS!

This week we will help to inform the parrot community regarding the question, "what happens to my bird/birds should I not be able to care for him/her in the future.”

The article attached does a great job of explaining the whys and what ifs. Please click here to read this very informative discussion on this matter.

Please note that the Author discussed placement in a Sanctuary setting such as ours, but in a way that the birds would be well taken care of prior to rehoming. FEBS does not have an adoption service nor will ever. This is a forever home for Parrots, never to be bred, sold or offered for adoption.

Through this contract-based program with us, you're given the option of pre-paying for your bird's eventual placement. This option allows you to lock in a placement. Please click here for our pricing structure:

As every situation is different, we encourage you to call us and either schedule a tour to discuss how you would like to structure your sponsorship or call Patricia Norton at 1-844-352-2473 ext.1 for further information.

Please click here: to fill out the Future Intake Form for placement then email back to

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