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Christmas in June!

Christmas came early this year for our birds! Imagine our surprise and delight when, earlier this month, several boxes filled with parrot toys arrived at our doorstep, courtesy of Squawk Box. This amazing in-kind gift was arranged by one of our team members, Grayson deBlasi.

If you live with a parrot companion, you’ll want to explore Squawk Box as a resource for your bird’s care and enjoyment. “It’s a ‘care package’ subscription service for my parrot,” says Grayson. “Each month I get a box filled with bird toys, healthy treats, a DIY bird snack recipe, and information on a spotlighted rescue organization. I love reading about all the different rescue resources, and my parrot loves the toys, treats, and playing in the crinkle-paper used as box filler,” adds Grayson.

Squawk Box believes in “paying it forward” – the company makes an in-kind donation to a worthy parrot rescue or sanctuary somewhere in the U.S. each and every month.

Parrots are very intelligent: they require constant mental stimulation in addition to sufficient space for physical activity. Toys are an important source of mental activity for our birds, so the Squawk Box in-kind gift of about 1,500 toys is extremely meaningful to us. It is also very helpful to us financially, as we typically have to spend nearly $750 a month on toys.

[Employees Joann Rodgers, Stephanie Dripps, Janice Popkin and Mary Lu Whitacre, with volunteer Jim Bunn]

Thank you, Squawk Box, for your very generous gift and for making Christmas in June a reality for our birds! And thank you, Grayson deBlasi, for your thoughtfulness in bringing FEBS to the attention of that wonderful company. We are truly blessed with all our hardworking, loyal and caring employees and volunteers!

Should you decide to follow the Squawk Box lead in making an in-kind donation to FEBS, please see our Wishlist on the donation page of our website. Cash donations, whether one-time or recurring monthly, are the life-blood of our organization and can be made on the donation page of our website as well. Please remember that it costs nearly $1,500 each and every day on average to provide medical care, shelter, food, support and love to our feathered residents.

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