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Parrot Stories

Experience the Stories of each Majestic Bird

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The Green Cheek Conure

Theo found his home on May 11th of 2016 at a few months of age. He’s a sweetheart and loves being held. His favorite treats are spray millet and papaya.  He will usually try new things if it’s in very small pieces or (sometimes) in his food bowl. He bites when nails are painted in certain colors (especially dark colors). Sometimes he prefers to step up onto your shoulder rather than in your hand. His favorite sleeping spot is his hut.


The Fluent Congo Grey

Nennalee was born on May 25, 2016, in California. She was one of three baby Congo African Greys, but she was the one with sweetest disposition and her family knew she was the one for them. She started talking after she turned one year old and has a vocabulary of 78 phrases in English and Spanish. She’s a sweetheart and loves getting lots of love and attention. While she has had a great life, she did go through three moves with her family, which were unsettling and stressful for her. They look forward to seeing her flourish and seeing her realize who and what she is and discovering for herself that she can fly and live on her life on her own terms.

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The Queen

Yoshi is Solar powered! She gets up with the sun, BUT don’t talk to her till after 8 or 9 AM because she is not a morning bird. She is energetic and will play the day away, but if she stays up too long she gets grumpy needs sleep! Some of her favorite foods are shelled walnuts, scrambled egg strawberry slices, banana slices or chips, grapes (seedless), raisins, and bread. She often sleeps on her back in the hut with her feet up or toes on the cage bars and loves to be photographed!


The Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

Lester came to his second family in 1988 when living on Guam. Although a wild-caught bird, he is extremely sweet and gentle. Lester is very curious and loves to get into things. His flight door was always open so that he could come and go as he pleased.  His favorite spot is on top of his flight. Lester loves to dance in front of mirrors so it always had powder wing prints all along the bottom.  He also loves to have his head and torso scratched.  If you were scratching his underwing area he would lift his wing and if you say "higher" he would stretch it up even higher. He is very funny and silly. He enjoys some vegetables all kinds of nuts as treats----cashews, pecans, walnuts.

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Buddha loves to talk. His favorite phrases are:

* What’s up Buddha?

* Emma

* Step Up

* Hush

Boo-Boo is his Nick Name. He loves peanuts, sunflower seeds, smushed nutriberries, strawberries, and blackberries; but grapes are his favorite!

He loves to dance to music, give kisses and ride on your shoulder.


The Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

Appa was found walking around a busy parking lot in Los Angeles in January 2022. His wings were clipped and based on his behavior in flights it is thought he’d spent most of his time in a small space. He is reluctant to fly, mostly because he’s pretty new to it.  He does well with strangers. He’s a chipper little fella who will definitely let  you know what he does or doesn’t want. He  loves attention and being pet and preening  us, and just generally being involved in  everything. His favorite toys are wood slats, rattan balls, beads, bells, and anything foam. He loves doing tricks, dancing and rope perches.

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Miss Antics

Joker was born in Colorado in late July 1989.  The breeder named her Joker due to her antics as a baby. Her favorite foods are cheesy pasta, jalapenos or any kind of hot peppers, all kinds of fruit but especially orange and apple slices, green beans, bell peppers, rice, mashed potatoes, and beans of any kind, snacks like vanilla wafers and graham crackers, ice cream. She loves head rubs, kisses, music, singing, dancing, vacuum cleaner noise, talking and whistling back and forth to other birds. Some of the phrases and sounds she says are:

  • "Gimme kiss"

  • "Hello?"

  • "Pretty pretty pretty bird"

  • Witches laugh

  • Exaggerated kissing sounds, and

  • Whistles Frito ban-dido song and William Tell overture

She is non-aggressive with other birds and doesn't fly very much unless startled.


From 2019-2023, Joker has been living with a 94 year old World War II veteran.  His wife had passed away a year before and he was very lonely.  He had raised birds in California as a younger man and was interested in having Joker as a companion. When the man passed, she was brought to us to live a wonderful rest of her life.

Dude and Pearl

Pearl and Dude are pretty anxious and jump off of you in fear when some thing passes by that are unfamiliar to them. They are scared of new people, but warm up to most women and girls pretty quickly. They are most scared of young men and boys. Their favorite foods are basically anything warm and soft, like scrambled eggs, sweet potato, rice, and oatmeal. They like fruit and will usually try anything. Dude plays with toys more than Pearl. They will sometimes play with toys with wooden blocks but seem to prefer toys that are easier to break apart.

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Miss Antics

Zoey is a 13 year old African Grey female from Oak Ridge Tennessee. Her family found her at a local bird show when she was a few weeks old and hand raised her. If you ask her to step up, she may test with her beak but seldom bites. Zoey loves to talk, sing opera and loves the attention. She also meows, whines like a dog, and imitates many sounds, most often beeping sounds like a smoke detector. She’ll sit on the edge of a garbage can and say “go poop” and “did you poop?” And sometimes will poop there.


Zoey had a companion half moon Conure (Cisco) that lived next to her for 11 years before he passed at the age of 17. Zoey began plucking about 2 years ago. It slowly got worse and included her neck, chest, legs, tops and undersides of wings. On Oct. 30, 2017, Zoey saw avian vets at The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine for a complete medical work up including CAT scan. The vets determined her plucking is not due to medical reasons, but is behavioral, likely habit. At their suggestion the family added the soft cone which works well as long as the trailing edge or the whole cone is stiff so she can’t push it aside. They continued the rehabilitation and it proved to be successful!

Zoey likes grapes, apples, cantaloupe. She likes to gently swing while upside down, step-ups, and will sit on your shoulder. She will mostly leave your ear alone but will grab eyeglasses. She loves the top of her head scratched. She’s a friendly bird who will bond with anyone who’s gentle and patient.

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