$10k Matching Fundraiser

Dear friends and supporters,                                                                                                                       

As 2021 comes to an end at The Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary we are reaching out to our community to help us give birds the chance to just be birds through our $10K Matching Fundraiser. As a private non-profit, we rely solely on fundraising, donations, and grants to care for our nearly 800 parrots. As we’re sure you are aware, the cost of goods continues to climb with no end in sight. Additionally, we are not immune to the ongoing and widespread supply shortages as well as shipping issues. This year presented us with new challenges like never before. Shipping issues forced us to utilize our emergency supply of food. Ever climbing costs saw our aviary building efforts halted as our original budget was quickly dwarfed. We are forever grateful for the support that you have so generously provided us; it makes a difference in the lives of these special animals.

               We know that we have a shared passion for the exotic birds and commitment to providing sanctuary in perpetuity for them. It is this love of the mission and the very real beneficiaries, these amazing parrots, that has united us all to this cause. Providing unmatched care 7 days a week is no small task, however it is a task that every member of the FEBS team undertakes with delight. Our volunteers, staff, and board members never stop working to provide the best sanctuary living available. From daily care, enrichment, education and outreach, we believe we are affecting a better world for not only the parrots in our care, but for all parrots. Through our recently relaunched YouTube page we are working not only to give a closer look into the lives of the resident FEBS birds, but also as an opportunity to provide education on the difficulties of exotic bird care. Our newly designed website is focused on being a tool for those planning ahead for the care of their birds when they are no longer able to.          

               Looking back at this year and the issues that have sprung up throughout it has proven harder than nearly any year before. The pandemic that has touched all of us has also affected the birds and driven the need for sanctuary. Regardless of the issues, we at the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary will not waiver from our mission and with your continued support we look forward to not only surviving but instead continuing to thrive.