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Matching Fundraiser for our Security system!

Hello and Happy Summer, Friends of FEBS!

FEBS has built new aviaries! Throughout the past year we have raised the funding needed to build much needed new flight cages. Great big thanks to all of you that helped make that stage happen!

Now before the Parrots can call those flights home, we need to secure the whole area with an additional security camera and laser security beam pole to monitor the new area.

With a summer fundraiser needed for the $12,000 goal to raise, we reached out to the Wilkins family, who have dedicated $6,000 for us to match! Big Yahoo for this jumpstart!

Please consider helping us raise the rest of the funds needed for the security for the resident birds in our care. Donations can be sent in to the physical address of FEBS, or through our secure website. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you all for your continued support of the Sanctuary!

Please schedule a tour or visit to come say hello to our 800+ parrots that are living their best life ever and the "Freedom to just be a Bird"

Link to donate:

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