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Friends of FEBS Special Needs Flight Completed

FEBS is elated to announce the completion of 3 very special new flights that have been 2 years in the making!

Through your generous donations needed for this project of $40,000, you helped us raise, through our matching fund program, the ability to build 3 (three) state-of-the-art Aviaries for many Parrots that have come to us over the years, mostly Macaws, that have been very well taken care of but have not been able to have their own flights due to the fact that they came to us as feather plucking birds. They have had their own cages in one of our protected areas for reasons of either getting sun damage due to the lack of feathers and of course not having feathers that would have been at risk in colder temperatures. The Aviaries are covered, have automatic misting systems, laser and camera systems, toys, perches, plants, and their own chicken "maids" for bug control and are now Parrot ready!

We thank our Friends of FEBS for making this happen for these "semi-naked" parrots for their opportunity to "Just Be A Bird". A huge Thank you also to our staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to this project!

If you have not already joined our "Friends of FEBS" membership, please click the link below!

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Beautiful forever home for these birds. What a joy to see.

Me gusta
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