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A Safety Message Concerning Cloth Toys from the Birdmother

Hello to all our Friends of FEBS!

We feel strongly that the use of cloth toys, perches and boings can certainly be a danger to your birds. We do not use this material in our flights but almost every bird that comes to us, has many of these types of toys in their cages. One such is the picture here, a seemingly innocent enough toy, but recently, one morning, this is how we found one of our new intakes. The toy is tightly wrap around it’s talons! It took 3 of our staff to carefully cut this mess off from the bird. This situation could easily become a much more serious situation where the circulation could have caused a loss of a foot or toe.

Please be very careful when buying cloth toys, the fibers do not break and a single strand can be dangerous. We strongly suggest using only pet friendly Sisal toys, this material breaks easily. Please watch out of all of the toys you give your birds as many are not safe!

Monitor your bird toys closely!

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