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Our Mission

With millions of parrots produced by the pet trade each year, the population of captive birds continues to grow. This excessive breeding of parrots has become a heartbreaking tragedy. With life spans of up to 100 years, parrots have a built-in homeless factor which means almost every long-lived parrot will outlive its original guardian. FEBS was established for the purpose of helping as many of these parrots as possible.


At FEBS, our one and only purpose is to provide a safe haven for parrots to live out their lives in a happy, healthy and natural environment. The captive bird population continues to grow. As peoples’ interests fade and the birds AND the people get older, the overpopulation of parrots is destined to become a heartbreaking tragedy.

Our Team


Patricia Norton

Founder/President/Bird Mother

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John Wiggins

Board Member/On-Site Caretaker

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Stephanie Dripps

Vice President/Board Member

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DP at FEBS 07-31-2023 (2).jpg

Dennis Padget

Treasurer/Board Member

Dennis Padget: Dennis is Treasurer of FEBS, a Board Member, and a permanent resident of The Villages. He has volunteered at the sanctuary since 2018. A retired Certified Public Accountant, Dennis was a self-employed Medicare compliance and billing consultant most of his career. He enjoys golf, musical concerts, singing, playing the piano, landscaping, reading, and visiting/dining with friends during his leisure time.

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